Thursday, April 23, 2009

Like A Sponge

They say the young brain is like a sponge… ready to soak up knowledge. So why is it that we are only sprinkling it with information? We should be SOAKING it! There really cannot be TOO much information. Actually, the more information we throw at our children, the better. This may seem like you might be over stimulating their young brains, but that is a GOOD thing. The more information you give them now, the easier it will be for their brains to process information as they grow older. This is because their young brain will learn to process data more efficiently. Even if they don’t quite understand what you are teaching them, their brain will wire itself to be taught. That is the main idea. So start soaking that little sponge with as much information as you can; and who knows? Your Wonderchild may thank you for it!
“The brain is wider than the sky”
-Emily Dickinson


  1. I want Jackson to be a Wonderchild!! Tell me more.

  2. Maybe he'll grow into one of these!