Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyond Basics

What if, instead of just teaching the basics, we decided to make it a point that we teach our child even more. When I say “beyond the basics” I simply mean that I am not talking about learning the alphabet, counting to ten, or learning to color inside the lines. Why is it that we stop there? I believe our young children should also learn about life basics such as kindness, self-esteem, and honesty. The first few years of a child’s life are so critical and important, yet we as adults are only taught to focus on the basic things in life, so they are able to function in a kindergarten class. I believe we should do more.

The human brain can handle more than we give it credit for. A child’s brain is no less high-functioning than an adult’s brain. It is actually doing a lot more work than an adult’s brain does. Your child’s brain is basically hard-wired by the time they reach the age of six. That means you only have six years to create and mold your child into the type of adult you would be proud to have raised.

My goal in creating this blog is to gather tons of information on a wide variety of subjects, characteristics, and abilities I believe are extremely important for a person to acquire, and present them to the reader in a way that they will be able to both access and comprehend in an easy manner. That is not to say that I am trying to dumb it down for the reader, it is, however, that I have tried to simplify this process of teaching your child as much as possible, in the short amount of time there is before the child’s brain has become hardwired.

Obviously, learning is something humans are able to do for their entire life, and I am not saying that after age six there is no hope of changing someone. However it is becoming well known that the fine-tuning of a child’s brain happens between ages three and six. By the time they are six years old, a child's brain has reached almost 95% of its capacity and is four times the size it was at birth. These are the critical years, during which an incredible amount of wiring takes place in the parts of the brain involved with focusing attention, organizing actions, learning new ideas, and planning activities.

I understand that as a parent, you probably don’t have much extra time to learn innovative ways of teaching your child new ideas. But that is the beauty of this blog. Every post will have a new idea of how to get the point across in a simple, but effective manner. Most of the ways of learning will be able to take place while you are doing your day to day routines.

I encourage anyone with children, or anyone involved in a young child’s life, to follow my blog and read about different ways of educating and enlightening your child so they are able to expand their minds. Come back often to discover the many ways you are able to teach your wonderchild beyond the basics.


  1. wow Autumn didn't know u were such a writer ! will follow for more posts !

  2. I wonder what my wonderchild will learn...great blog sister!